About Speedware

The story of Speedware

Speedware was founded in 2006 by Torben D. Rasmussen og Karsten Grau Rasmussen. Their aim was - and still is - to develop the most easy-to-operate, yet fully comprehensive webbased administrative system for Schools of Music and Arts.

As a Music School teacher and former leader, Torben himself encountered a need for a more flexible, easy and better way of administrating his institution. This turned out to be a need that many others share. 

Torben and Karsten teamed up and with helpful input from the Music School in Sonderborg, Speedadmin was officially launched in 2007.

In 2011 Stavanger School of Culture contacted Speedware and this became the starting point for a great adventure in Norway.When customers learned what the new system enabled them to do, Speedware could hardly keep up with demand.

In 2014 Speedware acquired the Danish part of Damus and entered into a collaboration with CEO, Keld Schmidt, in developing and providing the most efficient system for the Danish market. 

Today Speedware is the strongest player in Denmark, Norway and the Faroe Islands, and we are in the process of gaining a strong foothold in the UK as well as in Sweeden. Recently we have also been contacted by German music schools that have heard about Speedadmin. Click here to view a complete list of customers. 

In 2016 we received the Danish business award, Borsen Gazelle, for doubling the company's growth for the last four years.  

Speedware now employees eleven people and we all look forward to helping you to a faster and more flexible administrative solution.


Torben D. Rasmussen - Co-founder

Torben has more than 20 years of experience with Music Schools both as a percussion teacher and as the headmaster of Sundeved School of Music from 2000 - 2007.

From 1997 - 2000 Torben worked as a technical designer in a major computer firm in Sonderborg.

Karsten Grau Rasmussen - Co-founder

Karsten is an experienced software developer and has worked on a number of projects within the auto industry, for local authorities in Denmark as well as with Sauer Danfoss.

Karsten mainly develops within the Microsofts.NET platform.

Thomas R. Thomsen - Sales Manager

Thomas has 15 years of experience as a percussion teacher and as a chief conductor for a number of orchestras in several Music Schools. In addition he has held responsibility for a variety of administrative tasks.

In addition to being a customer manager, Thomas also carries out course activities

Dan Sandhøj Fromm - Sales and Support - Project Manager

Dan is a music teacher by profession and he has 15 years of experience teaching in music schools, public schools and drum corps.

Dan's core tasks are sales, support and project management

Daniel Philipsen - Sales and support

Daniel has years of experience with technical customer support. His main focus in Speedware is to help customers with any Speedadmin related issues they encounter.

Eva S. Jensen - Costumer support and bookkeeping

Eva has many years of experience with customer support and her role in Speedware is just that: to quicklty help customers with any Speedadmin related issues that may come up.

In addition, Eva is responsible for bookkeeping.

Malin Lindström - Support

Malin have her roots in Sweden, born an raised in Sundsvall. She mooved to Denmark in 1990.
Due to her Swedish roots, Malin will strengthen the support towards our Swedish customers, but also take part in the over all support team.

Hans Peter Kjaer - Software developer

Hans Peter has an MSc. in medialogy and he is an experienced multimedia designer and web developer. Most recently Hans Peter has experience from his job in Danish Radio and Television (DR) working with web development and teaching in multimedia design. 

In Speedware, Hans Peter is focusing on developing and adapting Speedadmin to new customer and market demands.

Jesper H. Munk - Software developer

Jesper has an engineering diploma specialising in software development. He has for several years worked with web technology and software development on many levels, from embedded to server solutions.

In Speedware, Jesper is focusing on developing and adapting Speedadmin to new customer and market demands.

Mikkel Andersen Strojek - Software developer

Mikkel is an experienced developer and he holds an AP Degree in Computer Science and Software Development.

Mikkel has 10 years of experience from different types of business in Denmark e.g. administrative solutions for lawyers and for the shipping industry. 

Mikkel's focus in Speedware is to develop and adapt Speedadmin to new customer and market demands.

Rob Earle - UX Designer

Robert holds a BEng degree in Interaction Design.

Working closely with the developers, his focus is on the user experience, interaction and visual design of Speedware software.

His role ranges from redesigning existing features to the development of new features, in order to give Speedadmin the best user experience possible.