About Speedadmin

Speedadmin is a complete administrative system, tailormade for music services (including music schools and hubs). Speedware is the company behind the system.

More than 340 Nordic and English music schools are using Speedadmin and we are continuously experiencing positive feedback on the functionality and flexibility of the system.

Speedadmin is developed to provide full support of in-school tuition, central management of tuition vouchers, teacher vacancy management, the full instrument hire process and much more. The system is web-based and accessible from smartphones, tablets, PC's and Mac.


One of the core principles in Speedadmin is that information is only keyed in once.

  • Students key their contact information in themselves upon registration. There is no need for any subsequent data import or manual data transfer to e.g. a waiting list.
  • The administrators or teachers design their weekly schedule directly in the system.
  • Schedules are visible to teachers, the local school administration, and the central music service (including music schools and hubs).
  • The system includes an integrated intranet with one login. 
  • Activities, concerts, employees and courses are automatically shown on your website (if you choose so). There is no double administration.
  • The entire administration including tuition fees and communication, teacher schedules and pay, cancellations, instrument database, hire and return, class management, teacher vacancy management etc. can be handled by one program with one login.


Users can access Speedadmin from any device with an internet connection. Because all users have access, you eliminate the need for unnecessary administration and allow full visibility.

  • Teachers can access their own student list, register no-shows, update their schedule, join or leave the teacher vacancy list etc. directly from the class room
  • Teachers can send emails and texts to students (and their parents/guardians) via the system.
  • Students can check their schedule, find contact information for their teacher, apply for tuition voucher, register for additional classes and apply for a hiring instrument. 
  • Parents can keep track of payments, cancellations, upcoming concerts etc. 

Speedadmin is dynamic giving you full flexibility to meet your requirements and support your processes.

  • You decide at the music service which type of user information you need to collect upon student registration.
  • There is great flexibility in terms of designing your tuition voucher. 
  • All autogenerated emails can be edited by you locally.
  • The management of all resources such as keys, AV equipment or accessibility to a practice room can be adapted locally. 
  • You can add fields that are specific to you. If e.g. you want to flag some students as talents, then you simply create this as a field.
  • You assign the rights to view and edit information for all groups of users, so that you can provide the best possible service and support for students, parents / guardians, teachers, local schools and central music service.
  • Subsequently you can extract statistics and display information based on your own registration.


The transition to Speedadmin typically takes between a fortnight and a month. In some cases, it can be done in just a few days. The time is dependent on how much data cleansing is needed. When the data is ready we import it and you can be up and running in a few hours afterwards.

Contact Speedware ApS for a noncommittal Demo or login to our test school